Big Fish Cheats and Tips

You are likely here to see if there are really Big Fish Casino cheats, hacks or magical tips, right?

The answer is simple. Yes there are and they are all simple and free.

To start off with, the one hack that is not real or legitimate is the hack for free money and chips. That is a hoax and is a phishing tool to get your information and possibly hack your personal information. Do not use them.

I know it looks real. When you go to these sites or videos, but someone created that image and fake program to look real so people would bite the bait.

So, how do you cheat or get advantages on Big Fish Casino? That' s what I am hear to tell you. I don't really like to use the work cheat because all of the ways that I list will merely give you an advantage. Some of these tactics do irritate other players, but overall you are not hurting anyone and hey,'s just a game right?

So read on and hopefully you will get more chips and other goodies from Big Fish Casino.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Names of Recent BigFish Casino Contests

I've noticed that Bigfish Casino is doing a few extra chip giveaway promotions and who doesn't need free chips.  My current balance is 6 million as I was trying hard to win in Spotlight. ( I love that game and have won a few major jackpots)

Here is the recap of Bigfish Free Chip Winners

First Day of Spring Contest!
Congrats, Winners! 5 Million Chips
Karen P
 Hilda W
Lisa F

Michele F
 Steve Milan
Carol C

 Joyce S
 Josh B
 Ana I
 Maxine E

High Roller Outback Wilds Event 
 80,000 Gold Bars

Too Many winners to list here. See Facebook Page and hope you are one of the winners!

Here are a few free chips from Bigfish
Freebie! ➡️
This Freebie is redeemable until 3/25 @12 am PDT.

Friday, April 14, 2017

How I've become a millionaire on Big Fish Casino

It's been many months since I've posted on this Big Fish Casino blog but much has changed and I thought I would share come things that could help you win more at Big Fish.

A few months back I deleted the Big Fish Mobile app for my iPhone. I wasn't winning much and it takes up a lot of space.


Once a Big Fish junkie,..always a junkie. I just dowloaded it again about a week ago and since that time, I have had over 200 million chips. Let me share some current strategies that help me get more chips in the casino.

First,..when you have barely enough chips to get in a room to even squat,..that's discouraging, but you can always over come that with patience and some smarts. When I am down to nothing, here is what I do to at least get myself enough to squat in a higher betting room or play a few rounds in a room I often win in.

In a separate post, I will list all of the free scatter slot games on big fish. It's good to know where to get free chips and where you can sit back and be a much hated squatter at least until you are out of the pit of being broke.

My favorite scatter slot is the 2k per line Snow Day. One good scatter can get you back up and running, especially if you have a big roller in the room, but listen folks. Don't piss off the ones that are spinning and winning for you. If you are in a room and scatters are flying around like a bum's dandruff,..don't just sit there. Make sure you say thanks for scatters and at least min bet spin to a. stay in the room and b. it appeases the spinners. If they feel like they are the only one's spinning, they will say "f" you and leave. Play smart and you could win millions this way.

Another room that you could score big in, but it's rare, is the 25k bet per line Secret Grove. You have to have a minimum of $225k to enter, but if you happen to be there when a big roller is there spinning,.you will get a minimum of $225 per scatter and up to millions. I've got $3mill scats from a high roller who was being very generous. Of course, I was spinning too once I could and won over $14 million just from my own luck. That brought me back in the game beautifully and I could go to any room I wanted to play,..I think that time I got myself up to over 400 million before I lost it all again.

People do get really angry with squatters and you can't blame them, but this is a tough game that can be very tight at times. It is what it is. Just remember to pay it forward when you can and when you can spin do, might start having a rush of luck that will get you back up to millions.

Also, real quick,,,A new feature on Big Fish Casino is the Clubs you can join or create. These can be a real blessing too for getting millions, but you have be smart. The clubs haven't been live too long, but they already have some that are winning millions every week. Try to sign on with a club that is leading and every week after the tourneys are over, each player in a club wins a prize. My highest so far is 5 million, but I'm in a club now that is ranking very well, prize could be 15 to 20 million. Once I learn more about the clubs, I will make a post.

Lastly, when there are spin to enter contests and other promos that could win you millions, make sure to participate. I've won a few, but I've noticed the prizes are getting bigger, so one good win could make you a multi millionaire. For instance, a recent promo was to win 800k gold bars from playing Wild Oak Fairies. I really thought I might win that won, but no dice. For your information, I did the math,..800k gold bars= $800 Million Bucks!!!! If you don't want to enter to win that, you are a fool. Maybe next time I will win.

Big Fish Casino-Wild Oak Fairy Game

Have a good week junkies and watch for a few other good posts that will help you win in a losing game !