Big Fish Cheats and Tips

You are likely here to see if there are really Big Fish Casino cheats, hacks or magical tips, right?

The answer is simple. Yes there are and they are all simple and free.

To start off with, the one hack that is not real or legitimate is the hack for free money and chips. That is a hoax and is a phishing tool to get your information and possibly hack your personal information. Do not use them.

I know it looks real. When you go to these sites or videos, but someone created that image and fake program to look real so people would bite the bait.

So, how do you cheat or get advantages on Big Fish Casino? That' s what I am hear to tell you. I don't really like to use the work cheat because all of the ways that I list will merely give you an advantage. Some of these tactics do irritate other players, but overall you are not hurting anyone and hey,'s just a game right?

So read on and hopefully you will get more chips and other goodies from Big Fish Casino.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

9 Bets that always seem to win in Roulette on Big Fish Casino

There are many people that swear by a roulette guaranteed winning system or cheat. I've played many games of roulette and know that there isn't any way to guarantee winning all the time, at least not big wins.

There are some great betting systems I've used and been successful with at BigFish. Here is one Roulette strategy that I tend to win from.

Place chips on these 9 spaces only. The person who showed me this, says to wait until the numbers don't come up a few times, then start really betting on them. I notice that they come up about 80% of the time. I try to get a groove going where I figure they won't come up, them I decrease my bet,..and increase when I expect them to come up. If you are on a Roulette table in Big Fish Casino and these numbers never come up, change tables.

I've also been in a room where I notice certain numbers always coming up. If that happens, go ahead and move one of your bets to that number combination, still only having 9 chips on the board.

Here are the number combinations your chips should be on.

5/8  6/9  10/11  13/16  14/17  23/24  27/30  31/34  33/36


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