Big Fish Cheats and Tips

You are likely here to see if there are really Big Fish Casino cheats, hacks or magical tips, right?

The answer is simple. Yes there are and they are all simple and free.

To start off with, the one hack that is not real or legitimate is the hack for free money and chips. That is a hoax and is a phishing tool to get your information and possibly hack your personal information. Do not use them.

I know it looks real. When you go to these sites or videos, but someone created that image and fake program to look real so people would bite the bait.

So, how do you cheat or get advantages on Big Fish Casino? That' s what I am hear to tell you. I don't really like to use the work cheat because all of the ways that I list will merely give you an advantage. Some of these tactics do irritate other players, but overall you are not hurting anyone and hey,'s just a game right?

So read on and hopefully you will get more chips and other goodies from Big Fish Casino.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bring on Scatters in Big Fish Casino

Getting scatters in Big Fish Casino, especially in the game Snow Days, is how most of get big money in this game.

There are a few things I do and see others do that bring on scatters more. Some of these ways might seem coincidental but, if they work who cares. Try them and see if you get more scatters.

  • Type in the word scatter in chat. Sounds strange, but I swear when scatter is typed either alone or in a sentence, almost immediately someone gets a scatter.
  • Another thing that seems to bring on scatters is animation or a lot of movement. Buying gifts for the table like falling snow or the fireplace will often bring on scatters. 
  • Liking people and adding as friends is movement in the game, seems like when I like a lot of people, someone gets a scatter.
Again, I can't say that these techniques will work all the time to get scatters, but I do think they help. Why? Big Fish is software and although rigged, I think it can get confused too. I think a lot of movement and activity can confuse it and for some reason bring higher amount wins and often scatters.

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