Big Fish Cheats and Tips

You are likely here to see if there are really Big Fish Casino cheats, hacks or magical tips, right?

The answer is simple. Yes there are and they are all simple and free.

To start off with, the one hack that is not real or legitimate is the hack for free money and chips. That is a hoax and is a phishing tool to get your information and possibly hack your personal information. Do not use them.

I know it looks real. When you go to these sites or videos, but someone created that image and fake program to look real so people would bite the bait.

So, how do you cheat or get advantages on Big Fish Casino? That' s what I am hear to tell you. I don't really like to use the work cheat because all of the ways that I list will merely give you an advantage. Some of these tactics do irritate other players, but overall you are not hurting anyone and hey,'s just a game right?

So read on and hopefully you will get more chips and other goodies from Big Fish Casino.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Greedy Millionaires on Big Fish

This is more of a rant really, but one I am sure most of you can relate with.

Since I've been a Big Fish Casino addict, I've had my ups and downs as far as my financial status on the game. I've had millions and I've had close to zero.

When I have millions, I never really mind that other's on Big Fish want to play with me in scatter games like Snow Days. They know that I am likely max betting which will make my scatters worth more- - usually 45,000 or even 135,000. A few of these and whoever is broke can now be back in the game.

The only thing that irritates me about squatters is when they get a good amount of money to play with, they still won't bet. That does get under my skin. That's just greed.

Do I squat? Yes, I most certainly do, but only when I need to. I know that I won't get rich on Big Fish Casino from other peoples scatters. To have millions, I need actively bet and play.

So, back to my rant about greedy millionaires on Big Fish. Often, when I am down in my luck, either the rich leave when I get in the room, assuming I am squatting, or they bet low on purpose so their scatters aren't very beneficial. How lame. Are you telling me none of these rich snobs haven't been at the bottom,..maybe even squatting themselves? I don't believe that. Reminds me a bit of the real world,...a lot of greed and people out just for themselves.

So, I challenge you today Big Fish Casino Junkies,..if you have a little extra gold and you see a player at zero,..will it really hurt you to help out. If your in a scatter room and your the only rich person,..will it kill you to max bet and let others get back up in chips? Come one people, nice.

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