Big Fish Cheats and Tips

You are likely here to see if there are really Big Fish Casino cheats, hacks or magical tips, right?

The answer is simple. Yes there are and they are all simple and free.

To start off with, the one hack that is not real or legitimate is the hack for free money and chips. That is a hoax and is a phishing tool to get your information and possibly hack your personal information. Do not use them.

I know it looks real. When you go to these sites or videos, but someone created that image and fake program to look real so people would bite the bait.

So, how do you cheat or get advantages on Big Fish Casino? That' s what I am hear to tell you. I don't really like to use the work cheat because all of the ways that I list will merely give you an advantage. Some of these tactics do irritate other players, but overall you are not hurting anyone and hey,'s just a game right?

So read on and hopefully you will get more chips and other goodies from Big Fish Casino.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Get Rich on Big Fish Casino Fast!

I'm still playing Big Fish casino and until very recently, I've been broke. I have over 50 million right now and I will tell you how I did it in the course of a few posts.

First. I obviously no longer have codes to share since the new Big Fish Casino buyout stopped the company from using any type of free chip Big Fish Casino codes.

They will have free chip offers, but they are automatically placed into your account. You get your free Big Fish casino chips, gold or reward tickets when you log in.

Speaking of Big Fish Casino freebies! It's the Christmas countdown on Big Fish. They are giving away some type of great freebie everyday when you log in. So far they have given, free spins on casino games, 50,000 in free chips, gold bars and more. Fun, Fun, Fun.

So, onto the good stuff,..Winning big on Big Fish Casino.

For this little hack, you will need to be a Big Fish VIP. You become a VIP by buying any amount of chips. I'm guilty of buying way too many. lol

Go to the new Snow Days VIP  Scatter game and squat your tail off until you can bet. The scatters here can earn you up to 3.6 million,..and even more. I was in a room where someone got six scatters on max. Everyone got over 3 million in chips. WOW!!

Now, once you can spin, so. This game pays big, so you will want to play. Once you get a few million. Go to Aztec Gold which is a 500 min bet. Play atleast nine lines betting one, but the more the better. You can win gold and reward tickets here pretty easily. If you are spinning here and not winning, change rooms until you are hitting scatters. I hit a four scatter here and won 2000 gold. That's over 5 million chips!! Heck ya!

Build up your gold and reward tickets so you have more money to work with, then go back and win more millions in other games and repeat. Eventually you will have a ton of cash here!!

Tomorrow, I will list numbers that I always hit in Big Fish Keno. I win one million frequently and a keno game is just 40 reward tickets. I have over 2000 tickets, the math.

Happy Playing and Good Luck.!


  1. Keno numbers pls?

    Also any tips for timing ur spins? Would be greatly appreciated

  2. You're an idiot. This post doesn't contain a single cheat, tip, or trick. It's an idiot's guide to playing the app. I knew immediately that this was a B.S. post when you said that you had to be a VIP for this to work...ha! So, obviously, you have no cheats on how to attain chips other than by playing the app or by purchasing the chips. Thanks for wasting my time like every other worthless blog and post regarding this subject does. And, by the way- Xav- the Keno numbers are random and change with each Keno game played. You're just as ignorant as the genius who authored the original post.

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